Good oral health and dental hygiene not only prevent bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease but they are also responsible for overall good health. Gum and mouth-related ill-health can inadvertently lead to more serious health issues like heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. It is difficult to imagine that the health of your teeth and gums can have such a severe impact on the rest of the body. It is imperative that one takes care right from the beginning.

Some of the serious oral health-related problems include the below:

  • Tooth Decay
    When plaque forms on the surface of a tooth and converts the free sugars found in processed foods and drinks, into acids, it destroys the tooth over time. This leads to severe tooth decay and bad breath. Curtailing sugary foods and brushing right after consuming them can prevent this.
  • Gum Disease
    Gum disease is also known as periodontal disease. It affects the tissues that surround and support the tooth and shows in symptoms by bleeding or swollen gums (gingivitis), pain, and sometimes bad breath. When extremely severe, the gum can come away from the tooth and supporting bone, causing teeth to become loose and fall out.
  • Oral Cancer
    Consistent use of tobacco can lead to serious mouth-related health issues like cancer. Oral cancer includes cancers of the lip, parts of the mouth and the oropharynx. Infections in the mouth can lead to this. This can be prevented with regular care and consulting a doctor as soon as you see an anomaly.
  • Manifestation of HIV
    Oral manifestations can be found by the way of fungal, bacterial, or viral infections of which oral candidiasis is the most common and often the first symptom of HIV. Oral HIV lesions cause pain, discomfort, dryness in the mouth, and difficulties in swallowing. Early detection of HIV-related oral lesions can be used to diagnose HIV infection. In many cases, early detection can lead to effective treatment.

Oral health is an integral part of taking care of yourself, and for that health, supplements can help immensely. Even though you might brush frequently or floss your teeth, it may not be enough for your oral health and dental hygiene.

Suffering from bad breath, plaque, and cavities? Looking for a solution for the yellowing of teeth? Oral care products can go a long way in rectifying issues. Usually, the routine of flossing, brushing after all meals, and other efforts can have little effect. Try the all-new BonAyu topical application and mouth dissolving strips that can make a big difference. We have Teeth Whitening Strips, Teeth Sensitivity Strips, and Oral Care Strips for fresh breath. Find out more on BonAyu Dental Care to see how simple ultra-thin strips can help your dental care routine.

The three strips help in the following ways.

  • Teeth Sensitivity Strips: These can be applied topically on top of teeth and wait for it to melt away. Rinse mouth with water after use.
  • Teeth Whitening Strips: These strips are also topical strips that can be placed on top and bottom teeth. You need to wait for it to melt away and then rinse mouth.
  • Oral Strips: These strips can be ingested. You can place on your tongue and wait for the strip to melt. The strip leaves your mouth smelling fresh and minus any odor.