Caffeine has long been adopted by people from all walks of life as an energy booster and an upper. Apart from anecdotal information and benefits, numerous researchers have put their might behind studies to declare the health benefits of caffeine and also recommended safe dosages. Caffeine in the form of coffee and tea is widely adopted by people. In fact, one would say that many are dependent on them as well. Here are few ways that people incorporate caffeine in their lives to enhance weight loss, cognitive function and alertness.

Gym and Sporting Activities It is not heretical to hear of fitness trainers asking gym goers to have a cup of coffee before coming for a workout. The trend has been fast catching up for the last few years. Not only have regular fitness enthusiasts adopted this, but even professional athletes recommend the use of caffeine. Many professional athletes, especially runners use caffeine to increase their time to exhaustion or as post-exercise recovery.


Long hours of dancing, keeping awake and enjoying can be stressful. Caffeine intake during festival seasons legitimately goes up to keep people up and about. So, if you’re looking for that extra surge of energy during a music festival or Navratri or any other occasion, then stick to a caffeine routine of 2-3 cups to extend hours to stay awake.

Long Work Hours

Though the “sweet spot” for optimum productivity is long believed to 40 hours a week, this notion has disintegrated in the last decade. With mobility thanks to phone and laptops, people are known to work for over 12-15 hours in a day. Long hours behind a screen can be energy sapping. Caffeine is the perfect antidote to these debilitating times, and much needed to add a sudden spark.

Daily Dose of Health

A moderate amount caffeine in the day is known to generate great benefits for the human body including improving gut health, protection against heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, boosting metabolism, improving brain function, protecting the liver, skin protection and preventing gout. Other than these benefits, caffeine is known to be a booster for daily activities.

These are the few ways that people incorporate caffeine in their lives. It’s healthy when consumed in a moderate fashion. A recommended dosage of 400mg per day for a healthy adult is approved by experts, but any more should be taken mindfully.